KAJ Group understands brands and how to best market them. We work with your team to develop a video strategy that complements and contributes to your overall marketing and business objectives. We generate ideas, present concepts, plan and execute smooth filming sessions, design graphics, create animation and pull everything together. We also guide you through the who, what, where, when and how of video deployment so your videos connect with the right people at the right time on the right platforms.



Show them your business, products and services through your eyes.


YouTube Marketing Videos

Meet your ideal prospects and customers where they already are..


Short-Form Video

Tell your story in brief, easily understandable, highly clickable segments.


Animated Explainer Videos

Make the ambiguous accessible, complex comprehensible and everyday exceptional.


Software Product Demos

High-quality software product demos that make you more money.


Testimonial Video Production

Build social proof and shorten your sales cycle with comprehensive case studies.


FAQ - Video Production

Can You Animate Caption Like The Popular Social Media Trend

Yes, we can create a custom animation style that is unique to your brand or copy trending styles.

How Many Video Can You Make From Long form Videos

A single long-form video like a podcast or customer interview could generate over 20 pieces of short-form content. When editing long-form style videos we always make a note of which clips would be good for short-form content. This keeps costs low for our client.

Can You Repurpose My Existing Video

Yes! Short-form video is very versatile and works great for your existing content. Contact us to discuss.

What Video Works Best On YouTube For My Business

YouTube videos are a bit different then traditional promotional videos. To achieve the best results, you need to focus on what customers are searching for. How-to videos and lifestyle videos generally have the best organic results

Can You Optimize My Current Youtube Videos

Our YouTube strategy begins with a comprehensive review of your channel. We will examine your titles, thumbnails, and SEO and provide suggestions and content ideas for future videos. Contact us to learn more.

Clicks that Resonate, Experiences that Elevate